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humana dental insurance claims and their insurance company has sent out an adjuster and they have approved those damages and we’re working on those jobs see I mean that’s a way of saying that you know you should file a claim without having to actually say you should file a claim .

humana dental
humana dental

I believe that you can stay in the lane of a contractor and still win without having to get into these policy and coverage issues and there are many other examples on how to do this on how to properly prepare your customer but

I want you to start thinking about just that having your customer as a teammate and as a commitment and they have to be committed to you too and knowing that

the client has to play such a crucial role throughout this process then it’s like we talked about at the beginning of this episode which is you do not want to take that client on if you feel

that’s going to be a problem it’s a commitment it’s long term and you don’t want unnecessary strife in your life you don’t want this client to leave your team so to speak you don’t want them sending out adjusters when you’re not around you don’t want

Them making deals with the insurance company without your involvement you don’t want the client to back out on you at a later point in time and a lot of reasons why clients backout of contracts is because unexpected circumstances came up that they weren’t prepared for and many times that happens because the insurance company is trying to

Drive a wedge between the contractor and the property owner so hopefully this will help you if you can start to think about these things in advance start to open up your mind it and start to include your client more in the process it’s preparing them educating them making them your