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The Best dental Insurance plans

The Best dental Insurance plans

  • Best Dental Plans Ever was the provider  assigned to the procedures insurance  information will automatically populate  into Best Dental Plans  open dental and is not.
  • Typically changed in here you would have to go to  the family module at the bottom you have the opportunity to preview.

  • Your claim a  preview will show you what a printed claim would look like so you can verify that everything looks right you.
  • Can  print the claim and you have the send button also what I’m going to do is leave this status is waiting to send .

I’m going to click OK and that’s going to batch

  • it so that I can send it later so I can send all my claims at once when  I click .
  • Open dental is going to do some checking on the claim to make sure that there’s nothing that will cause it to fail if there.
  • Is you’ll get a pop-up  like you see here that tells me what may need to be changed in my database I can say ok and it still.
  • Creates my claim and leaves it it here with a waiting to send  status now let’s go ahead and go back to our appointments.
  • Module and our patient Jesse Smith I know Jesse has dual coverage and I want to go over making claims for a patient.
  • With dual coverage  so let’s go ahead and complete Jesse’s procedures for today a right click and set complete move over to the.


  • Account module and now we have the procedures from today’s appointment all sitting here with an unsent status now .
  • Like I  showed earlier the new claim button will automatically create a claim for all unsent procedures and when I do this one.
  • I have dual coverage I mean I could alternately choose primary and secondary and do this process twice or I could  simply.
  • Hit the new claim button it’s created this is my primary claim to Aetna I’ll say ok and it will do that checking again and you’ll notice.