Super Useful Tips To Improve Dental Insurance No Waiting Period

It’s  a said really hope that you work  with that I really want to thank you for your time today I’m definitely open for  questions right now and again thank you very dental insurance no waiting period  much and look forward to working with all of you hopefully you get  appointed right away I’ve actually looked at s

Emeritus not only are the dental insurance no waiting period  benefits ultimately better but the commissions are better with emeritus as well in the long run and in the short run you make more money with emeritus  selling this product so using this as a lead generator you go out you’re generating leads for your other lines of business and making money doing it by selling a product as.Your marketing tool  you can’t get much better than that it is way cheaper than just spending money to market rather than selling a product to market so definitely recommend this super super easy to contract it’s all  electronic super easy to sell if you need any support or you need to get contracted all you need to do is reach out to agent CRM you can call us at comm.

We’ ll get you taken care of if you have an  agency and you’ve got downline agents there are override agreements available and we can take care of you there so with that let’s go ahead and open this up to questions I’m going to start with the stuff in the chat box and start  going through that if you have a question you’d like to speak live hit that raise hand button and.

dental insurance no waiting period
          Dental insurance no waiting period

I’ll be able to see who’s raised their hand and we’ll get you relying on muted at the appropriate time so first question comes from Shirley she asks can you Diego can  you pop-up that I slide again and she and Ted yeah I really if you have a specific question on that vision slide please type into the box or raise your hand we’ll get you on here otherwise let’s move on to.

The next question while that’s sitting up there because it’s  also related to vision so Perry says question on the vision other Medicare supplement policies contain I Med but clients can’t really use it because when they go to the provider.

The provider can’t figure out the proper plan to utilize all right does this particular plan provide separate vision cards or  something with the proper ID number so the provider is able to use it yeah so we admit we do I listen you an insurance car and you can basically you know use the insurance card like you with the dental card and with VSP with the with the others now that we have a we actually don’t need a dental card