Whether you go on or off exchange you’re still gonna find you know the HMO and the EPO plan networks it’s gonna be the same there’s often a misconception that well if Dental Insurance NC I go on exchange way less doctors take my plan than if I go off exchange but really in our area.

If you have any questions or you need any plans specific information for your area please feel free to reach out to me you can call me at eight eight eight four six five nine seven two eight what I’d like to do is I’d like to go ahead get you guys introduced to Brian Brian is fantastic he’s been awesome to work with he’s going to go over some of the product information and opportunities that are available with a Meredith for the dental and vision plan and then at the end.

Dental Insurance NC

If you do you might want to look at a qualified health plan if not you may save some money by going with a short-term major medical plan are there certain doctors or hospitals that you want to keep in network that’s a really important one especially if you’re going with qualified health plans you do want to know which doctors are important to you which hospitals are important to you to keep and also are you comfortable paying the full out-of-pocket cost until you meet the plans deductible so in other words are you comfortable paying a lower monthly premium but knowing that you have to maybe pay a little bit more.

Dental Insurance
Dental Insurance

When you go to the doctor’s office or if you need a medication or would you rather pay a little bit higher monthly premium and know that you just have a set copay every time you go to the doctor every time you go pick up a medication these are some of the questions that you just want to have answers to in your mind and that’ll help you narrow down what plans are going to be the best for you your needs in your lifestyle

It’s going to be the same type of HMO and EPO networks whether you’re going on exchange or off exchange so some questions to consider when you are make your choice do you need coverage for any current medications or any pre-existing conditions.

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